Industrial nitrogen generator is need of almost all industries. Nitrogen generators for sale are sustainable approach to give nitrogen. Industrial nitrogen generators are used in mental manufacturing industry, fire explosion making industry and many other industries. Nitrogen in nitrogen generator absorbs oxygen from surrounding under high pressure. It allows nitrogen to pass through the generator. In nitrogen generator a hollow and thin fibre membrane uses to separate nitrogen gas from oxygen and other gas molecules.  

Working of industrial nitrogen generator:

  • Industrial nitrogen generators are working on pressure swing absorption principle. On the basis of that principal nitrogen generators produce steam of nitrogen gas by compress air.
  • In industrial nitrogen generator two towers are mostly filled with carbon molecules.
  • Pre-treated air enters in carbon molecular chamber from bottom of one line tower.
  • In carbon molecular chamber oxygen and other gases are absorb.
  • This absorption allows nitrogen gas to pass through this chamber.
  • Time to switch off mode is already set. At set time one liner tower automatically switches off the mode.
  • Carbon molecules present in industrial nitrogen generator is change from ordinary carbon molecules.
  • Carbon molecules sieve has narrow pores than ordinary carbon gas.
  • Due to narrow pores of carbon molecules in sieve, oxygen gas can easily penetrate in it and can easily separate from nitrogen gas.

Our atmospheric air contains 78% of nitrogen gas in air and 21% of oxygen in air. Oxygen is present in little amount in air as compare to nitrogen. But oxygen is more active for eruption of fire. Many metal and fire explosion making companies install nitrogen generators to prevent fire eruption. Industrial nitrogen generators have great role in every industry.

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